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For Immediate Release
Thursday, 7:38 A.M.
From the desk of Jack Henson
To: A Fellow Guy
Here's What This Isn't...
This isn't...

  • A ”magic pill“
  • An herbal supplement
  • An elaborate penile torture device
  • A scam
  • A joke
  • An expensive, complicated lifestyle change that no guy will ever follow.

What this is is a simple, affordable and effective way to give you back the natural, spontaneous erections of your youth... guaranteed.

If you've ever wanted to regain the powerful, almost-embarrassingly stiff and sensitive “math class erections” you had as a teenager, and to do so without the exorbitant, ridiculous expense, nasty, health-destroying side effects of the “chemical crutch” of hard-on pills, then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here's what this is all about: My name is Jack Henson. And if you're on this page, then you and I (and about 15 million other guys in the USA alone) have an embarrassing and maddening problem in common... the all too common plague of “Erectile Dysfunction.”

I Remember The First Time It Happened To Me

I've always prided myself on my ability to go the distance and keep my beautiful, sexy wife Sara satisfied. But then one night we were off on vacation in Florida. There we were in bed, kissing, clawing at each other same as we had been for years. I was looking right into her beautiful brown eyes when she reached down between us to grab me.

She was expecting the hard, firm, satisfying erection I'd almost always had in all the years of our marriage.

Instead She Got... Nothing

I watched the corners of her mouth as they turned down and her eyes as they dashed back and forth like she was thinking. Then she smiled all fake number (when you've been married you can tell), said everything was “fine” and asked me if I just wanted to cuddle.

I'm sure you can guess how I felt.

I'm not an emotional guy, but that night I swear I wanted to cry.

And over the next few weeks? It just got worse.

No matter what we tried, no matter what she wore, no matter what images I blasted through my mind... nothing.

Pretty soon my lack of performance became the “elephant in the room.”

I got moody, angry and defensive. She plastered a smile on her face and said it didn't matter. That she loved me. But I could tell just by watching her how disappointed she was. That she thought I didn't find her attractive anymore. That I wasn't living up to my duties as a guy.

So what did I do? I did the same thing millions of guys have done...

I Cracked Open My Credit Card And Went Out And Got Some Of Those “Little Blue Pills”

And you know what? It worked. At first I was ecstatic. All I had to do was pop a pill, deal with the nausea and dizziness and BAM, there it was. Sara and I practically dove into bed and screwed like animals.

But pretty soon the euphoria wore off, the expense piled up and reality set in.

Suddenly I Realized That The Pills Were Making Me A Cripple On A Chemical Crutch... Grunting And Sweating My Way To Another Zero At The End Of Phyzer's Massive Profits...

...A weak, pathetic addict forced to shell out over 10 bucks a pill and thank the pharmaceutical fat cats every time I wanted to perform the most basic human pleasure imaginable...

...An indentured servant “renting” an unsatisfying, unsensive erection and going through the motions with the woman I love...

Spontaneity? Gone.

Passion? Gone.

Pride? Gone.

Sensitivity? Gone.

Satisfaction for me and my wife? Gone. Gone. Gone.

All replaced by a chemical hard-on that made it possible to have sex but utterly to make the passionate, powerful love I'd been used to. That made it impossible for me to feel like a man.

“I'm An Extremely Happy Guy...”

Your product is astounding. I have a prescription for Viagra. But the method laid out in your report was so much better with NO side effects at all. I'm an extremely happy guy.

Thank you!

--A.P., Age: 47 Little Rock, AR
Finally, Two Months Ago I Got Fed Up With The “Chemical Cure”, With The Expense, The Side Effects...
And The Humiliation

I crawled out of bed late at night, left my poor wife snoring and padded over to the living room computer to find something, anything that would help me get back the pride and sexual power of my youth.

And let me tell you (and I'm sure you know) I saw a lot of crap out there...

And a whole industry of ineffective and maybe-even dangerous snake oil being peddled by unethical shysters trying to hoover massive amounts of cash out of my pocket.

I almost gave up. I almost resigned myself to the doubt, humiliation and, yea, anger.

But Then I Finally Stumbled Upon What I Was Looking For: A Simple, Natural, Downright Cheap Cure That Would Solve My Erectile Dysfunction For Good And Give Me Back The Passionate, Powerful Lovemaking, Freedom And Pride I Was Longing For

As I was surfing the web (with the browser history turned off so Sara wouldn't know what I was up to) I was lucky enough to stumble upon Joe Barton's “Erectile Dysfunction Remedy Report” (it comes as an easy-to-read PDF file that just about any computer can open.)

I opened the report, got to reading and, the very next day, put all the powerful advice and simple techniques Joe and his team laid out to work.

And now? Now I've ditched the pills, the shame, the humiliation, the cost, the guilt and the side effects. Now I've got what Sara and I like to call the all-natural...

”The Math Class Boner“

Why? Because it's as firm, natural and almost-embarrassingly hard as it was when I was a 15-year old kid sitting behind the buxom form of Cindy Williams in Mr. Tite's Algebra class.

I tried to keep my eyes on the board and off Cindy's luscious lips as she nibbled the end of her pencil... tried and failed. I glanced up at the clock and realized we were just minutes from the bell. Day after day I'd pray in a panic and beg God, Jesus, Buddha and whoever else might be listening to please, please, please let my hard-on go down before I had to get up and shuffle off to my next class, hunched over with my backpack clutched over my crotch... again.

But Let Me Tell You, I'm Not Praying Anymore

Can you imagine how it feels to get hard -- rock hard -- just from getting smiled at by a pretty girl?

Can you imagine the satisfaction I get giving my beautiful sexy wife orgasm after mind blowing orgasm, practically forcing a satisfied, cheshire cat smile across her face, showing her just how hot and beautiful I think she is... and knowing that it's me and just me doing all the “work”?

Can you imagine the pride as I stride into work every morning knowing that I'm probably more potent and alive than guys 20 years my junior?

Can you imagine what it's like to have to be careful what I wear and what I brush up against, knowing that even the slightest pressure could set me stiff, hard and ready for action in even the most inappropriate setting?

Can you imagine what it's done for my relationship and my marriage to have hard, rough, tender, satisfying Honeymoon Sex night after night after night?

And can you imagine it working for you the same way it has for me and thousands of other guys who were suffering and fed up just like me before I followed the simple steps laid out in this report?

Here's What This Is All About

I know it's hard to believe, but you're just 2 minutes away from banishing “limp dick syndrome” from your life for good and saying goodbye to the expense, the hassle and the danger of the “chemical crutch” of Viagra, Cialis and other popular hard on pills.

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Here's What I Learned (And What You Will Too) When I Opened Up My Copy Of Joe Barton's Erectile Dysfunction Remedy Report: How To Cure Your E.D. Naturally Without Drugs:
The real (and scary) truth about Sidenafil... the so called “wonder drug” that put a smile on Bob Dole's face in those Viagra commercials... and why millions of men around the world are playing Russian Roulette with their heart every time they pop one of those little blue pills.
The simple and strange erection producing exercise of “Yoga For Your Dick” and how even the fattest, most out of shape slob can quickly master these simple, ancient poses to practically force a torrent of blood into your penis producing long-lasting, stiff as-a-board erections on command.
Why new thinking in the “hippie science” of Ayurvedic medicine has even white-haired Western Docs rushing to the supermarket to stock up buckets of honey, onion juice and grapes.
Why the average guy loses 1 to 2% of his erection producing testosterone every year after he turns thirty... and why replacing that testosterone with even doctor-prescribed shots, pills or patches can actually decrease your sex drive, put you at big risk for prostrate cancer and maybe even drive you to an early grave.
Straight facts on suppositories, penile injections (ouch!) and other extreme impotence “cures” no man ever wants to go through... and frightening true stories of what can happen when these unnecessary “treatments” go horribly, horribly wrong.
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How to cut through the bull online and discover what pumps, straps and constriction devices actually work and what's just overpriced, useless plastic... and why the vast bulk of what's offered by the corporate cock industry is utter crap.
The myths and facts of “thinking yourself hard”...
The wonders of “soft sex”... and the lost art of mind-blowing, amazing sexual encounters you and your partner can have without ever venturing below the belt and without ever even thinking about your dick.
The difference between orgasm and ejaculation... and what bone headed dudes and misinformed guys everywhere are missing out on by confusing these radically different functions...
What the Chinese got right... and judiciously applied accupressure that you can do at home can radically increase the flow of blood to your penis in mere seconds.
Why aromatherapy is “the therapy that smells good”... and how certain pleasant smells have been shown to skyrocket sexual potency among open-minded men.
How To Eat Yourself Hard... and why certain foods can blast open the arteries in your penis, creating a 10 lane, hard-as-granite erection superhighway.
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Why “thinking with the wrong head” can actually be good for your health.
Why Pulp Fiction was absolutely right about foot rubs... and how walking your thumbs down just the right path on your foot can put a “spring” in more than just your step.
The biofeedback paradox... how you can “shock” yourself hard... and when and why you should (or shouldn't) consider this electric technique
5 Steps To Hardness Every Man Needs To Try... and the frightening, softening truth that might finally convince you to quit smoking.
Why some women swear that fat guys are better in bed.
How you can laugh your way to firmness... and how you can use humor to put a rocket in your pocket and a satisfied smile on your partner's face.
Simple facts on vitamins, what you need, why you need it and how to get the right amount at the right time for the least expense.
Why you should learn to hate free radicals... and what you can do to protect yourself from this growing plague of dick destroyers.
The power of “the complete breath”... and a ridiculously easy technique you can use right now to open your “chakras” and experience not just stiffer, firmer erections but more powerful, more satisfying and more frequent orgasms.
Why lying like a corpse can “wake up” your sexuality, desire and ability to perform wonders in the sack.
And much, much more…

But most of all, you'll learn simple, quick techniques you can put into action right away to say goodbye to the humiliation of erectile dysfunction, kick the dangerous and expensive habit of being pushed by the penis pill mafia and finally get back the raging “Math Class Boner” of your youth quickly, naturally and without drugs.

Listen: You've got a choice to make

You can do nothing and resign yourself to the “soft life”, giving up on man's most basic, most undeniable pleasure and hiding yourself away in your own little cocoon of humiliation and pain.

You can empty your wallet into the bulging coffers of the penis pill fat cats, desperately ponying up for your fix, turning yourself into a passionless sex robot and knowing (always knowing) in the back of your head that it's not you with the throbbing hard on, it's the pill.


You can click the link below, download this simple, affordable report and get on the fast track to stiff, natural, long-lasting, sensitive erections...

On the fast track to the “Math Class Boner.”

I know which one I chose, and me and my wife both thank God every day that I did.

OK, Jack, I'm Interested.
But How Much Does It Cost?

Honestly? I think Joe's ripping himself off letting this information go so cheap, but the cost of this report is just $39.95... less than the cost of even one pack of those little blue pills and nothing at all compared to the cost of the B.S. being peddled by most shysters online.

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Like all of my products, the powerful information contained in the
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It doesn't get any simpler than that.

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